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High/Scope Training Approach
Daily Schedule

High / Scope Education Approach is applied in our institution which has been applied in many countries of the world, has been laid in the US and influenced by Piaget development theory.

The High Scope Training Programme is based on “effective learning” concept in early childhood.

In programme flow, it is supported to children to make their own choices, to improve decision-making mechanisms, to learn to take responsibility, to the develop of self-discipline and talents. Children need consistency to be confident and independent students.

Our day-to-day program is consistent, so it helps children to grasp the sequence of events with it helps to know them in advance within a day and gains them to get tangible experiences in terms of time relationships.

Our classes are divided into well-defined working corners in accordance with the High Scope Training Approach, there are many materials that children can easily reach, and the materials in each corner are placed within a certain logic.

With our labeling system, the children are very dominant in the place. In this way, children are given the opportunity to research and use the rich materials in the planning and learning environment by using all their senses effectively and to complete their studies.. 

In our programme there is a time for the Plan-Do-Evaluate process every day. This process is the most important part of the High / Scope Training Programme and the programme allows children to express their goals (plans), to realize them and to think about what they do later.

Plan; is a springboard to query, suggest, and identify problems. The teacher helps each child to think about what they are doing, to observe, to discover the relationships, to define the problems and solve them.

With the “garden times” that take place in our daily schedule, children are encouraged to be physically active by conducting activities such as playing, jumping, climbing, creeping and playing various games by going to school gardens.

"The Principal goal of education in the school should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repating what other generations have done." - Jean PIAGET