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Music Workshop

In Music Branch Courses that is applied every week, it is expected to develop the childrenʼs auditory perception and kinesthetic sensations and sound and rhythm works are performed in the presence of drama elements. The tonal andrhythmic sound separation, weighing skills and basic music knowledge are prepared on the basis of prep work, play and entertainment; The course also aims to support students' attention and follow-up skills, impulse control, space and environmental awareness.


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Music Workshop with Orff-Schulwerk Approach

In our activities, with the elementary music and movement education we consider as the base, we aim to provide children who seek a way into the music, basic experience about the dance and the music. We support children to use music, speech and dance as a self-expression tool. Orff-Schlwerk is an educational approach based on rhythm, movement and speech, which enables people to practice and dance as they come from, to perform improvisation, and to combine learning, exploration, experimentation and creation by combining all artistic events.