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Organic Nutrition

School age is the period in which children acquire habits; The school is the most important place for children to eat outside the home in terms of nutrition. The child affected by the family at home is influenced by friends and teachers at the school and takes them as a model. In this period, healthy nutrition in children is shaped by environment and education. In these periods, by creating healthy nutrition awareness in children, we also influence their choices in the future.

In Cogito Kindergarten there are students between the ages of 2 - 6. This age range is the fastest growing period. The amount of energy and amount of fluid each child needs to take daily is different. Considering the effects of nutrition on children, care should be taken to ensure that the energy supplied with meals is not more than the daily intake. The most important cause of nutrition-related diseases is the malnutrition habit caused by nutrition education which is not given in childhood. The nutrients given in our school are adjusted to meet the amount of energy and nutrients needed by children in all meals. Children start their day with breakfast in school and then gather their daily needs with lunch and afternoon breakfast. Children who need to stay in school for longer periods are given 2 snack-meals.

According to age groups, energy amounts are as follows;r;
2 Years 1200 calories / day
3 Years 1300 calories / day
4 Years 1400 calories / day
5 Years 1500 calories / day
6 Years 1600 calories / day

The daily need for liquids means the amount of liquid taken with meals and drinks outside of water and water. The amount of fluid that children should take daily; 150-175 ml x kg. That is, the amount of fluid that every child has to take is calculated according to the childʼs weight.

All the foods that we use in our school are natural and organic. Our menus consist of fruits and vegetables grown in season. Sugar, chicken, fish are not included in our menus. The eggs we use are organic certified and they are made up to the nutrient analysis by myself. With the food services we offer in our school, we aim to provide healthy nutrition rather than feeding children. For this reason, we ensure that foods with high nutritional value are consumed together with nutrients that increase their absorption to make them more beneficial to the body. We put plenty of vegetables and fruits in our freezer in their seasons and we increase our diversity by using them in other seasons. In the summer period, we increase the antioxidant properties of our meals and prevent off-season using by making canned tomatoes. The meat we use for our children consists of the meats of animals that do not eat ready feed in Samsun's highlands and graze in the mountains. Our cheese and butter are produced from the milk of animals grazing from Kars. Our breads are made with organic flour and sourdough in our own school. We offer our children as yogurt and ayran by fermenting organic certified milk. It should not be forgotten that children learn well when they eat healthy. Healthy children means a healthy future

It should not be forgotten that children learn well when they eat healthy. Healthy children means a healthy future...