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Our Differences

Our Holistic Approach to Education

Our Training Programme is formed based on the “High/Scope Training Approach” and considering the individual differences of the children. Our aim is to enable our students to gain experience that can satisfy their development needs in different fields and to develop in every way. With the scope of our program; all of the workings that apply in classrooms and school gardens, support the development of psychomotor space including cognitive domain, social-emotional field, language area, self-care area, major muscle and small muscle skills.

Bilingual Education

There are two classroom teachers, one of is Turkish and one foreigner, who applies daily flow through our partnered system. Our programme focusing on holistic education is parallel to Turkish-English.

Eco Schools Programme


Eco schools programme; It is a programme that we apply to provide Environmental Awareness, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Training to our students. The programme aims to increase students' interest in environmental issues through both class work and social activities. National Coordination: TÜRKÇEV

Follow-up and Assessment with Specialist Psychologists

Each student is an individual and each individual has many different characteristics. Two specialist-clinical psychologists, who follow the progress of our students in their development areas step by step, are in our institution full time. With their individual follow-up, they evaluate the development process of our students and provide guidance to parents on this subject.

Family Trainings

Being a parent is perhaps our most important responsibility in our life. We know that in our parenting journey, there are times when we are forced as well as pleasant times. We are conducting quality chat times in our Family Trainings which is one of the most important steps of the school-family parallel work system.

Natural Life in the City Life

Perhaps as adults who live in city life, one of the most desirable things for our children is that they play safely in the gardens-parks, not in concrete, but in nature, and spend time with animals. We set out with this dream and created a natural habitat for our students to play comfortably. We have filled this area with our animals in our gardens.

Natural Organic Nutrition-A Healthy Future

All the foods that we use in our school are natural and organic. Our menus consist of fruits and vegetables grown in season. Sugar, chicken, fish are not included in our menus. The eggs we use are organic certified and they are made up to the nutrient analysis by myself. With the food services we offer in our school, our students are encouraged to gain a healthy nutrition diet.