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The Eco-Schools Programme is a programme applied to provideenvironmental awareness, environmental management and sustainabledevelopment education in preschool, primary and secondary schools. Withthe participatory approach, students in schools both learn aboutenvironmental issues and take an active role in raising awareness aboutenvironmental issues in their families, local governments and nongovernmentalorganizations (NGOs). The programme also provides theimplementation of an environmental management system based on ISO ISO 14001/EMAS in schools.

To help implement the sustainable development process at the local level,students are guided to take an active role in 7 steps to reduce the school's environmental impact. Therefore, eco-schools take a role in ensuringenvironmental awareness in other parts of the society by going beyond theteacher in the classroom.

The most important and integrative factor in the Eco-Schools programme is student participation. The efforts of the committee to raise awareness of the local community and the public are provided to develop students' dialogue skills and to provide a good citizenship education.


The Eco-Schools Programme offers schools a guiding program in environmental education as well as it also, carries the distinction of being an award plan because of the Green Flag award for the schools that have achieved outstanding success through their studies and environmental education. Green Flag is an eco-label. that symbolizes an environmentally conscious school that is recognized and respected internationally. The validity period of the award is 2 years, therefore the award must be renewed every two years. Eco-Schools are a long-term program. Information on Green Flag Award application is also provided.


The implementation of the program gives students the habits that willaffect their success and use during their lives as well as the environment..


  • Are members of a group and develop a new identity,
  • Form a participatory structure that gets used to group work,
  • Develop the ability to recognize problems, produce solutions and discuss,
  • Develop the ability to use initiative, decision making,
  • Develop the ability to plan, write reports,
  • Change consumption habits, avoiding extravagance,,
  • Develop a sense of conservation of natural resources.

Besides, the benefits of the program to the SCHOOL are as follows;

  • Continuous cleaning and layout,
  • Water and electricity savings are provided by the student hand,
  • Owned by students
  • The school is the center of the region,
  • Local, national or even internationally recognized,
  • If desired, it interacts nationally and internationally through our network.